Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It’s finally here!  Today we leave for New Zealand!  We are leaving on a jet plane this evening.  Do know when I’ll be back again…

With that you can imagine the blogsite will be making a change.  I certainly hope there will be yarn and weaving to be had with 250 million sheep between the two islands.  I also hope there will be music, but I also can imagine the days will be filled with many other things.  Things I’ve never done, seen or thought of!

Our bags are packed with two cameras – one for each of us.  We’ve learned clearly that last few years that we see the world very differently, so two cameras allow there to be two worlds to be captured!  The plan then is to move all the pictures to the laptop to clean the card in the camera for the next day.  I expect we’ll want to just look back at all the pictures of the day and smile, laugh or even shed a tear.  My hope is that we’ll each pick a favorite picture from the day and share it here in the blog.  If you plan to stick it out, you can get a flavor of what’s going on, but not have to go through ALL the pictures!

One word of warning – we will have WiFi in many places, but I can imagine there will also be times where there will be no connection on the South Island.  If a post isn’t there on a particular day, hang on – it’s coming!

So I hope you’ll stay connected – and for those joining us on the journey – Welcome!


K Spoering said...

Oh, I'm almost as excited as if I were going with you! I can see New Zealand in my jammies here at my computer! I look forward to your posts.

Life Looms Large said...

Have so much fun!! I'm so excited for you!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

Great plan that you'll each have a camera. We didn't in CO, so I've still not finished blogging about it!!

I'm doing a giveaway in honor of my first year of blogging. It will go up tonight and be open for a week - so hopefully you'll be able to stop by with Wifi somewhere!

Looking forward to seeing NZ through your eyes!! Enjoy!!


Kaite said...

Make sure you wave as you pass over Australia. Have a great time away. K.

Theresa said...

Of COURSE we'll be tuning in! Have a beautiful adventure and thank you for sharing it with us.

Laura K. Aiken said...

Jennifer this will be so much fun. I can't wait to see New Zealand!Have fun

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time! Its a magic country... where else could they film Lord of the Rings?

I'll visit and see the latest updates but I can see it all in my minds eye. You see, I lived there for 5 years in Dunedin (South Island)
I have vivid dreams of my time there still despite the years, which are now too many to count.


Jennifer said...

Susan - we'll be glad for recommendations on what to see and do in Dunedin!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer and James,

We are all so excited for you and we will follow your travels... may God Bless you with love, laughter, and safety as you travel from place to place. Love, Andrea & Jeff