Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swimming in Chaos Part 1

We've had the floors in our three bedrooms refinished and it's been quite a time of chaos. It's like moving but still living within your own home!!! Here's what it looked like to have three bedroom's worth of stuff crammed into one room...and how we made a makeshift bedroom in the the middle of the dining room! Shadow doesn't seem to mind. Some have asked for pictures when I mentioned it earlier. So I thought I'd treat you to before and after. The house was built in 1945 and these floors are likely original. There was an oil furnace in it's history and much of the floor have a black hue, but there was also a fire at one point. The floors nor the walls were repaired or replaced. Everything was simply covered up and we're bringing it all back out. So here's before (complete with dear Shadow prints when he walked on the floors before the finish was dry - but that's a story I'd rather not retell...)
And here's after...
Shadow did finally get to go back into the rooms after they were dry. He immediately went to check out his favorite window - yes the one he jumped out of!!! Not today Shadow!


Theresa said...

Great picture and I can see why the view is appealing plus he can rest his head and watch so easily. No screen or did he go through it?
Floors look great and my sympathies for living in all that chaos. It would have driven me nuts along with paw prints where they shouldn't have been. And such sizable paw prints too. All worth it though, the house will seem new with all the hard work you've put in.

Valerie said...

Ah, we've done hard wood floors (real, not pre-finished) in this house and the previous ones. Oh the dust! But I wouldn't have anything but hardwood. Wish I could get rid of all the carpet in this house, but it's not practical.

Life Looms Large said...

The refinished floors look great!!! So beautiful!

I'm impressed that you could fit so much furniture into one room!!

At our old house, we had hardwood floors installed. The process took about a week and involved half of the downstairs. Somehow Jim finagled a business trip (to Luxembourg of all places) so he was gone the whole time. Meanwhile, I was home, dodging furniture and trying to keep our two dogs from ruining the floors.

It was all worth it though.....having nice smooth beautiful hardwood floors was definitely worth any hassle during that week!

Yours look great!!


Jennifer said...

Theresa, - check out htis older post on going through the window...

Valerie, There was dust, but not like what I've seen elsewhere. This guy had this enormous vacuum that sat out of the house and I think it really made a difference. We did end up vacuuming and cleaning the walls, but it's amazing how much better is is with the right equipment. I agree that real hardwood is just the best.

Sue - it all worth it. We did live in the house this time, but next time with the rest of the house there will no access to a bathroom, so we've decided to move out. It's really worth it and considering the age and life these floors have lived we are estatic on how they turned out! (hey this entry only took 1/2 hour - we're getting closer!)