Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Conestee Nature Park

Day two of wearing out the Shadow dog consisted of a two hour hike at Conestee Nature Park. We had not been there before, but it is convenient to home and we like adventures. This was once a lake and it slowly has been filled with dirt/trash/etc and a restoration project began years ago. It's now marshland, which is unusual to see in the upstate of SC.

The Reedy River still runs through here

and a number of creeks could be found.

And of course with a great deal of water, there comes lots of birds and flowers. We didn't see any of the birds promised at the entrance - nor the copperhead snakes thank God - but the flowers were out to meet us. Unlike other bloggers, I have no idea what these are, but I was playing with my digital macro and thought I would share - If you have names for them go for it and share!

Wait I do know this one - Rose of Sharon!
Shadow did have a good time and favored us with laying around quietly for the rest of the afternoon! Enough so that I did get some weaving done this weekend and I'll share later.


Life Looms Large said...

Love that picture of your happy Shadow on the trail!!

A tired puppy is a good puppy! (That's what we said all the time when puppy Bailey was driving us crazy with chewing.) Glad you found some pleasant ways to use that Lab energy!!

I don't know the flowers that you've posted....since they're not near me I haven't seen them before.

I did just google around to see if alligators live near that park. Apparently not. I'm always paranoid if I'm in the south with a dog....I'm always scared the pup will wander into gator-inhabited water.

Glad Shadow let you have some weaving time!!! I look forward to seeing what you made!


Jennifer said...

Sue - yes a tired pup is a great thing! In fact I'm finding it helps for more than just that day. it's making all life easier! No gators this far north or inland. There are some in SC, but not like Florida. We do contend with snakes though. It is a good thing to think about when hiking around!

Theresa said...

I could have sworn I left a comment earlier, so if this is a duplicate, I'm sorry. Shadow is such a handsome dog and I love the way he's watching you and keeping you in sight while he investigates. What a good boy!
Can't wait to see the new project. Are Cottonmouths and Copperheads the same I wonder? I should go look it up!:-)

Jennifer said...

He does watch, but not as often as I would like. I have to keep reminding myself we are only in week 4! Cottonmouths and copperheads are not the same, but I couldn't tell you the difference. I think of cottonmouth as water moccassin and copperhead as on the land - we likely should watch out for both!

charlotte said...

Lovely pictures and a very cute dog!