Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Blues

First off, a family of blue birds has decided to come live in our yard. We had built a 16 apartment birdhouse for purple martins on the porch of the garage many years ago. Starlings have been the only ones checking it out and not even every year. The blue bird has decided the bottom right apartment is theirs. He's been checking out the domain and generally bullying everything that moves.

Blue-green has made the scene on the wedge weave. Progress is going, but just not as fast as earlier this year. That's okay - there's plenty of time, but I'm more concerned about running out of the blue yarn. It's going to happen, but I think it'll make it through the blue-green blended section. I was planning to change the colors back on the other side of a plain green block. So soon I shall make a trip to Asheville!
Lastly, I am blue over the fact that I really do have a string thing! I thought I had control, but when I heard $0.50/lb for silk - I had to go! It turns out there is a yarn distributor about 1/2 hour from me and he normally works in truckloads for all sorts of industries. A friend's aunt found him and he had told her to come by. The friend invited me along and I was eager to see what could be. It turns out the distributor has a number of samples and basically wants to give them away. When he was pulling out a few cones, he kept saying "There's not enough on here to really do anything." All I thought was, "That spool is lifetime supply for me!"
I have 5 cones of silk that likely was for upholstery. They are in red, gold and white. They scream Christmas to me. Then, there is the space dyed silk that is blue, lavender, mauve and khaki. My friend was getting samples for his aunt. I told him I would glad share this one with her. I'll never use all of it. Lastly, there is the spool of white fine silk . He had a few more of it, but I don't know that I'll use more than one. When I asked what to pay him, he just said for me to take it. Here they all are, my latest yarn acquisition with no projects planned! Oh I'm in so much trouble!!!


KaiteM. said...

hi Jenn, i started to laugh when i saw those spools. You'll just have to get that new cupboard. I have probably about 20 or so of said spools and try as i might to tell myself to move them on i just can't. I keep them in one of those zippered vinyl bags that doonas or pilows comes in, soft and completely see thru.
Meant to ask - hows your eyes?
Also compliments for the wedge weave so far, it's very flighty and lovely. K.

Life Looms Large said...

Bluebirds in the martin house - too cool!

The wedge weave is looking great! I know I haven't told you yet that I got a free, homemade tapestry loom at the last guild meeting. One of the weavers in the guild saw from my blog that I'm interested in tapestry and told me she had this homemade loom that she was never going to use. So far I've done nothing with it, but sooner or later I definitely will!

Speaking of "can't afford not to" - didn't I just say free was my favorite price for yarn! That's awesome that you were gifted with some silk. Sometimes the yarn comes first and then the project inspiration!! (Are you a dyer??? That would open up the possibilities even farther!)

I'll be following along, waiting to see where this silk takes you!!


Theresa said...

Oh neat about the bluebirds. We have a Western Bluebird here but he's not as pretty as the eastern variety. Enjoy watching them!
Beautiful silk, and what restraint you showed. Someday you will use it and wonder why you didn't buy more.
The wedge weave is looking great. I wish I had your patience to do tapestry. I've often thought about trying it on the floor loom instead of a regular tapestry loom.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the wedge weave. It's really becoming all that I'm doing. It's very approachable andc I can just sit down and weave - of course the goal of starting.

I'm already starting to wonder if I should have gotten more of the fine gauge silk. And maybe I should become a dyer!!!

The blue bird is a pretty boy - I even enjoy the female - she flashes a little blue when she flies! But he's a little guy unlike the Western blue bird!

Theresa said...


Dying is a lot of fun. I have done a fair amount on fabrics and not so much on yarn. The thing that holds me back is space. The laundry room has a nice big sink but it is also the dog crate and feeding room and I am always worried about the dyes in powder form. I bet they have come a long way though... we should both check out Dharma Trading!

OzWeaver said...

Your wedge weave is looking just wonderful! I'm so inspired by it!

Thank you for the Elizabeth Gilbert video! I think you should read "Eat, Pray, Love" before her new book is available. I read it with a healthy dose of skepticism (thinking it would be shallow and self-serving) and was happily and deeply moved. I was so affected by her honesty. I can't wait to see her next book!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the wedge weave. It's certainly taking on it's own life - although you may not be able to see that from the blog!

I also avoided Eat Love Pray assuming it would be fluff, but her honesty in the video makes me think differently. I think I will take your advice and look for it!