Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas (Eve) is coming!

We've been ready for Christmas Day for quite a while. Mostly because all the presents were completed prior to Thanksgiving and we decided to not put up a tree this year. We did spend last Friday night wrapping presents with a mug of cherry cider in front of "White Christmas". Since then all I've had running through my head is "The theatre, the theatre, what has happened to the theatre - especially where dancing is concerned? "

I have 7 harp pieces to play at an 11 pm service Christmas Eve. So this is where I've been spending most of my time off from work! --------> The biggest hurdle is that I generally am in bed by 9 pm! So I thought I may have an experiment of playing at 11 pm tonight. Should be interesting!

I have found it's best if I only practice for 15 minute intervals and take a break to do laundry, update my blog, but the most fun was singing with our German Shepherd, Dakota.
Some of the breaks I actually have been able to get some weaving done. Imagine that??? I've started on a sample of the transparency design to make sure I am going to get what I want. It's my first venture with the new bobbins and with a cartoon. I have discovered that the bobbins would be better with a rounded or chamfered shoulder. The hard 90 degree angle keeps catching on the warp as I pass the bobbin through. It's been slow going, but I'm just glad to be weaving at all at this point.
I hope all of you are spending your holidays just as you would like also and I look forward to more of creating and learning in 2009!


T Scanlin said...

Beautiful harp photo! I remember your practice sessions at Arrowmont fondly... especially lovely was the sound of your harp next to the fountain in the gallery hall.

I'll look forward to seeing the tapestry's progress! Happy Christmas.

Jennifer said...

I remember it fondly also at Arrowmont. I always love playing next to water.

I've already decided to try another sampler with the tapestry! This is a never ending process, isn't it?

Merry Christmas to you also.

J. Austin - said...

Just discovered your blog, and I'm enjoying it very much. Great photos of the waterfalls in NC, was there about 30 years ago!

A question about the re-usable leashes with the figure eight thingies, not sure I understand how that works....what do you do with the figure eights?

Jennifer said...

Thanks! What I have done with the figure 8s is place one of the circles on the end of the leash and then slip the warp I want to pull with the leash through the other circle of the 8. So the leash is now connected to the warp and I don't have to "re-leash" every time. I have also bought slip rings and am looking to use them the next time I have a major change in width and need to leash the loom.

Jennifer said...

PS - Also check out the comments under Figure 8s posting. I just found your questions there.

J. Austin - said...

Thanks for the explanation. I accidentally posted my response on the Figure 8 posting, oops.